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Short Handled Hoe

The Short Handled Hoe

In Memory of W. W. ROBBINS

Presented by Walter Ball

There are times in the history of any organization when the members should pause and re-examine the reasons for existence of the organization, the purposes of the organization, and the goals toward which it is striving. And there are times for remembering those who were responsible for the organization’s inception, and for its program and achievements.

We are taking a bit of time today to honor such a man, and to establish a tradition which we hope will keep his memory ever fresh.

Dr. W. W. Robbins was a great teacher at whose feet many present had the pleasure to study. Dr. Robbins was interested in research, and he did experimental work himself and inspired others to do it. Dr. Robbins was dedicated to the science of the growing of plants and to the control of weeds. And in this dedication he kept his feet on the ground. He recommended the use of every possible tool in the preparation of the land and the eradication of the pests.

In his many talks before farmers he often would bring out the hoe and display it as the time honored tool; that even in his day of magic chemicals, was still the major weapon in the fight against weeds.

This hoe which I bring here today was given to Dr. Robbins by the California Weed Conference in 1951 in honor of his many contributions to this organization. After his passing, his wife, Barbara, gave it to me to keep in his memory.

Recently, it occurred to me that among these many friends, and friends of friends of Dr. Robbins, that I should not covet this memorial but should share it with all of you who attend this Conference and with those of you who still remember Doc Robbins. Therefore, I am presenting this hoe to the California Weed Conference to be held in perpetual memory of Dr. W. W. Robbins – and to pass from Chairman to Chairman at each annual meeting. May this humble tool serve as a lasting symbol of the dedication and service which Doc Robbins gave to this organization and to the science of weed control.